Process Platforms
JYSS BIO's single-use solution for upstream and downstream biopharmaceuticals

Single-use technology is recognized by the biopharmaceutical industry as an alternative to existing standards for reusable stainless steel systems with several significant advantages, significantly reducing the risk of cross-contamination, cleaning and associated cleaning validation, fixed asset investment, lead time, and enhanced asepsis assurance. In addition, in the production of hazardous material applications, such as cytotoxic drugs or potent pharmaceutical biomaterials, the Closed Disposable System can provide operators with additional protection to isolate these hazards.


JYSS BIO Single-Use System Advantages:

Flexibility, applicability, cost-effective manufacturing technology, applicable to all biopharmaceutical processes. 


Technical advantages of JYSS BIO team:

Unmatched process knowledge, extensive experience with disposable systems, unique product portfolio, and superior technical support.


Rich experience in process engineering:

As a leading domestic solution provider, for the past five years, JYSS BIO has been creating a unique process engineering team whose role is to build leading process systems for the biopharmaceutical industry. Our team has been involved in conceptualizing, designing, and manufacturing from simple manual systems to highly complex automated systems used throughout the biopharmaceutical industry.

Cost-effective manufacturing techniques:

Consumable cost may be higher, but you can use JYSS BIO system through the following ways to reduce your overall manufacturing costs: to sharply cut use of chemicals and water for injection, gamma irradiation components reduce energy cost, no need for cleaning and cleaning validation, faster installation and limited QC testing, to reduce Labour costs, smaller workshop space.



The JYSS BIO system provides you with a high degree of flexibility in process design. We make it easy for you to evaluate the differences between different configurations before agreeing on a final design, and then decide whether to change the batch production scale or create new requirements. You can also easily customize the system to suit your needs.


Applicability of the technology on different scales:

The JYSS BIO system can be applied on a variety of scales, from desktop process development to commercial production. Built from the same material from small to large, the disposable system is ideal for scaling up or downsizing your process. 


Accelerated execution and speed to market:

The system can be developed in weeks instead of months. Rapid process development is possible due to reduced requirements for validation (including cleaning and sterilization) and ease of manufacturing. Disposable systems will help you speed up process development and quick installation of production lines, thus saving time and getting to market quickly.

Process Platform

Upstream process technology:

Single-use bioreactor;

Liquid storage and distribution system comprises liquid distribution system and liquid storage system;

Sterile sampling consumables.


Downstream process technology: 

DC filtration system; 

Tomographic system; 

Ultrafiltration system;

Material and buffer preparation system (including mixing, material preparation, transfer storage);

Package system.


Unique product mix to meet all process requirements:

At present, disposable systems are becoming the first choice for a large number of biopharmaceutical process applications. JYSS BIO focuses on producing innovative, disposable technologies to meet market needs. Jyss Bio has a comprehensive disposable product line serving all major process applications upstream and downstream.

Suitable for all biopharmaceutical processes:

The JYSS BIO system can be used to manufacture all kinds of biopharmaceuticals: antibodies, vaccines, gene therapy, recombinant proteins, blood derivatives, and cancer drugs. They are particularly well suited to an enterprise such as a CMO or CDMO that needs to produce a large number of different products while maintaining critical flexibility and avoiding cross-contamination. The system design and manufacturing range can cover from upstream culture to downstream packaging.


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