Single-Use Bioreactor Bag

Single-use bioreactor bag is developed, manufactured and sold by JYSS independently,. It uses specialized bioprocessing film without animal origins, and assembled bybag body, tubings, connectors, intercepting clips and filtersetc., specially applied for cell culture. Its production process is  conducted in the clean workshop, After cobalt-60 radiation sterilization, open the package to use directly without special treatment.  The product is manufactured under enterprise standard established according to CHP,USP<661>,USP<665>,USP<788>,ASTMD<543>,ISO 10993,ISO 11137,USP<87>,USP<88> requirements, and pass the third-party verification. It is offered with complete  validation documents to meet the drug registration requirements.

Features and Advantages

  • Standard line: Inlet line and outlet, air inlet, Pipeline outlet, deep standby, shallow standby, sampling
  • Filters: air filters and liquid filters (Sartorius, PALL, Meissener)
  • Bag port: connects the bag body to the pipe and can be hot welded with the bag body
  • Multiple connector: Ruhr connector, quick connector, sterile connector, TC connector, needle-free sampling valve, etc. (Nordson Medical, CPC, Watson Marlow)
  • Specifications: 2.5L, 5L, 50L, 300L, 1200L


CUR Single-use bioreactor


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