Single-Use Bioreactor - Multi-Channel MPB

MPB bioreactor is a set of high throughput multi-channel screening bioreactor system specially designed for scientific research institutes and enterprise R&D departments. This system is designed based on the principle of efficient oxygen transfer mechanism with our own intellectual property rights. The working volume of a single culture tank is 0.3L ~ 2.5L, and up to 16 culture tanks can be used at the same time. Cultivation of each parameter control are controlled by independent of CPU and actuators, record, report and other data are relatively independent, which can realize a single species of parallel train suspension cells, can also be carried out on a platform at the same time cultivating a number of different varieties, can be widely used for process optimization, screening culture medium, culture conditions optimization, etc. The mixing/mass transfer module produces stable torrent in the culture tank, and the culture liquid repeatedly scour the inner surface of the culture bag, so that oxygen molecules quickly dissolve, achieving the purpose of efficient mixing and mass transfer. High oxygen transfer efficiency, easy to achieve high density and high activity cell culture. The speed of the oscillator can be automatically controlled by the upper computer. The oscillator adopts frequency conversion motor, which is durable, safe and stable.

Features and Advantages

  • High oxygen transfer efficiency, high density and high activity cell culture
  • Work with up to 16 culture tanks at the same time
  • Independent control of each culture tank, recording data, reports, etc.
  • Durable, safe and stable


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