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Zhejiang JYSS Bio-Engineering Co., Ltd., (JYSS BIO) founded in 2014, the first high-tech enterprise in China to realize the Single-Use bioreactor and Single-Use assemblies localization in Mainland China.
JYSS BIO is based on independent research and development, continuous innovation, always adhere to provide our customers with quality, efficient, fast service. At present, the company has 3,200 square meters of GMP consumables production workshop, 4,500 square meters of partial B+A grade liquid bag and general consumables process bag production workshop is being designed; 3,500 square meters of bioreactor production workshop. The company's business activities strictly follow ISO9001, ISO14001 management system operation. Perfect R & D, production, sales system for the sustainable development of the company has provided a strong driving force.
Single-Use bioreactor is the knockout product of the company, and its oxygen transfer mechanism has got the worldwide's invention patents. The oxygen transfer mechanism has the advantages of high oxygen transfer efficiency and low shear force, which can achieve high cell density and high cell viability. The cost of one-time investment is low, and the plant can be built quickly.


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JYSS BIO was formally established and fully invested in the research and development stage.


Obtained the "Scientific and Technological Achievement Appraisal Certificate", has applied for 3 invention patents, obtained a number of utility model patents the overall technical level is in the international advanced, which is in the international leading position in the cultivation and production of veterinary vaccines.


JYSS BIO launched the first generation of products and officially entered the cooperative application of animal vaccines.


Completed the special project of protein biology and vaccine development in 2012.


Won the award of "2013 Provincial Strategic Emerging Industry Special Equipment Manufacturing Collaborative Innovation and Collaborative Manufacturing ".

The company "method of manufacturing effective bioreactor" obtained the invention patent certificate.


JYSS BIO launched the second generation of products, animal vaccines and human antibody protein cooperation and had strategic cooperation customers.


Completed the project (subject) in the field of biology and medicine technology of the 863 Plan approved in 2015, and the company's "bioreactor" was granted the invention patent certificate.


Won the title of leading entrepreneurial and innovative team of the first batch of "Nantaihu Elite Plan" in Huzhou City in 2016.


JYSS BIO was granted the second batch of provincial special funding subsidies for science and technology development in 2017.


JYSS BIO officially entered the CDMO market and began large-scale production.


JYSS BIO launched the third generation products to the market, a comprehensive service to the vaccine market.


JYSS BIO passed the on-site audit of important customers, and was rated as "Supplier with Outstanding Contribution to Fight against New Crown" by CanSino Bio.


At present, we provide "biological disposable system" service for many enterprises.

Mission & Vision

Providing excellent biological single-use solutions and services to support pharmaceutical customers for reliable drugs aims to benefit patients that suffering from diseases worldwide.


To become China's leading and world-class excellent company for "biopharma single-use applications and integrated viral process solutions" boosts the rapid development of gene therapy and cell therapy!

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Zhejiang JYSS Bio-Engineering Co., Ltd.

Address: 3rd Floor, Building 5, Binhe International Science and Technology Innovation Park, 425 Miaohouwang Road, Binjiang District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China


Zhejiang JYSS Bio-Engineering Co., Ltd.

Address: No. 1919, Cangshan Road, Nantaihu Pharmaceutical Industrial Park, Longxi Street, Wuxing District, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province


Shanghai JYSS Bio-Engineering Co., Ltd.

Address: Room 905, Building D, Shengyin Building, No. 666 Shengxia Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai

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Deputy Director of Business

Yufei Chen

Deputy Director of Marketing

Siyu Chen

Our Team

We regard talents as the first element of enterprise development and progress and the driving force of enterprise development. Under the condition of market economy, the market competition is ultimately the competition of talents. Without talents, the development of enterprises will be out of the question. Do a good job in the management of talents, form a situation of respect for talents, give greater play to the role of talents, and promote the good development of enterprises.


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  • Purchasing Department

    Jingyu Xiao

    Jingyu Xiao

    Purchasing Department

    It has been four and a half years since I joined the company. In the family of JYSS BIO, I have completed my transformation from a student to a working person. Thanks to the appreciation and recognition of leaders, guidance and help from colleagues, and the development platform and growth environment provided by the company, I have expanded my horizons and learned a lot. The company has grown from 30 employees to more than 100 now. I firmly believe that only by constantly learning work experience and improving my working level can I keep up with the development of the company. I hope I can contribute to the bright future of the company. 

  • Production Department

    Wei Han

    Wei Han

    Production Department

    In the past ten years, I have been standing together with the company through thick and thin, and I have forged a relationship with the company. Ten years of youth are dedicated here, but I have no regrets. Thank the company for providing me with the soil to survive, and thank the company for providing us with the environment to grow and exercise. In the past ten years, I have already regarded the company as a lovely big family, where I can rely on and place. Here I have formed a brotherly and sister-like affection, where all our frictions, misunderstandings and displeasure have been melted by the years of ten years, precipitation down more is the thick tolerance and deep responsibility. Looking ahead, I am more confident and hopeful. I believe that with our outstanding team, with our team spirit and unity of perseverance, as well as our outstanding employees, we will embrace the next brilliant decade.

  • General Management Department

    Hao Zhang

    Hao Zhang

    General Management Department

    As a new employee in the team, I'll let myself grow up as soon as possible. In the team, I have to bear the corresponding responsibility, I will show strong learning ability and the advantage of high work enthusiasm, learn from experienced colleagues, make myself be part of the team and the company. So I can complete related work efficiently.


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