ITD Single-Use Magnetic Mixing System

ITD single-use liquid handling system consists of three main components: mixing tank, drive unit and control box. The system design is based on bottom mounted magnetically coupling technology to achieve optimum liquid-liquid mixing and solid-liquid mixing. Compared to mechanical shafts and seals, ceramic bearings and shaft beads ensure minimum particle shedding and leakage risk. The mixing assemblies are also easy to install. Scalable from 50L up to 2500L, other size can be customized. Hardware could be integrated with loadcells, in-process pH and conductivity control and monitoring temperature senor and data record. You can also configure hardware design for your specific mixing application. The design of 1° slope at the bottom of mixing carrier enables easy drain and a low hold-up volume. ITD family is suitable for a wide range of process scenarios such as buffer preparation, media preparation, intermediate hold, virus inactivation and final formulation.

Features and Advantages

  • Bottom mounted magnetically coupling mixing technology
  • Front door for easy bag loading and cleaning
  • Equipped with sensors installation holder
  • Modular design, pre-defined communication interface for DCS or SCADA upon request
  • Optional jacket and thermal insulation layers with efficient heat exchange performance, allowing efficiently heat and cool the liquid in mixing assembly
  • Inline temperature control, weight, pH monitoring and control, Conductivity monitoring and data management.
  • 1° slope at the bottom of mixing carrier enables easy drain and a low hold-up volume
  • Available from 50L up to 2500L.


  • Media, buffer preparation
  • Intermediate mixing
  • Product suspension and re-suspension
  • Virus inactivation, process mixing


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