AutoPrep Automated Chromatography System

AutoPrep Automated Chromatography System is applicable to the pilot scale and large-scale production of bio-pharmaceutical purification processes such as monoclonal antibody, insulin, blood products, vaccine and recombinant protein. As an integrated control unit, it can automatically realize the column equilibration, sample loading, elution, collection, regeneration and cleaning in the purification and separation process with compliance of GMP guideline. The system can provide a variety of flexible configurations to meet the needs of large-scale production.


Features and Advantages

  • Compact design, stack designed pipeline, and minimal dead volume
  • Comply with USP class VI material and provide complete validation documents
  • Comply with FDA 21CFR Part 11, Electronic Records Electronic Signatures : real time recorded data and logs, with traceable and unmodifiable.
  • Flexible and powerful method editor, can realize automatic process production based on time, volume and column volume.


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