AutoDesk® Pure Automated Chromatography System

AutoDesk® Pure Automated Chromatography System is specifically designed for lab-scale biologic sample purification and separation. It is applicable to the purification method development and sample separation of biological products such as proteins, vaccines, blood products, monoclonal antibodies, as well as polysaccharides and natural products.

Features and Advantages

  • Full configurations to meet the needs of various method development;  
  • Powerful method editor, automatic sample loading, collection, monitoring  etc.;  
  • Configurable with Scouting function to realize automatic optimization of parameters;  
  • Can be controlled by voice and touch screen, which make the operation  more convenience
  • Modular installation of valves, plunger pumps, detectors, etc. for  convenient maintenance;  
  • Two  high-precision piston pumps provide excellent gradient performance 


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