AutoColumn Chromatography Column

AutoColumn Industrial Scale Column is a fully automatic and hermetic  large scale chromatography column, which can be used together with the column packing workstation to realize automatic column packing and unpacking,. Maximize the advantages of chromatography medium, improve the column packing performance, ensure the consistency among production  batches to improve the production efficiency of customers.

Features and Advantages

  • The fully automatic column packing has better performance and higher reproducibility
  • Customized services provide for Columns diameter >1000mm.
  • Wizard-type Intelligent operation; convenient, easy and fast.:only one operator can complete process of packing and unpacking columns.
  • Flow path diagram on the column packing workstation,  which is easy understood and convenient for customers to review their operations
  • Special distributor design, combined with finite element fluid simulation, fully simulates the flow of liquid in the column to ensure excellent column performance and asymmetry
  • Using the pneumatic column tube automatic pop-up device, it can be easily rotated and removed, and the column tube, screen and sealing ring can be cleaned and replaced without the aid of a crane which avoid the structural damage caused by mis-operation. The whole process can be easily completed by one person, fast and reliably.


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