EasyColumn Chromatography Column

The design of EasyColumn manual chromatography column adheres to the innovative design concept. It adopts a special column head sealing method and a special column head rotation structure. It is easy to manually pack filler and need few supporting tools, and can provide fast manual packing for various chromatography media. This method saves time and reduces the operator's work intensity, and can also obtain accurate and highly reproducible column packing results, and coordinate the changeover of different product lines faster.


Features and Advantages

  • Comprehensive specifications,available from 70mm to 450mm internal diameter (ID), and from 500mm to 1000mm height , in all common sizes.
  • Unique sealing structure, stable structure , and high reliability
  • Convenient column head selection structure  makes operation of large-diameter columns easier.  
  • Specially optimized distributor design for predictable scale up


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