LMS Single-Use Mixing System

The LMS family of single-use mixing system is designed to optimize complex mixing application. It is ideally suited for both laboratory and pilot scale application and meets all your process mixing needs. LMS combines drive unit and different impellers to deliver efficient mixing from low to high viscosity(1-1×105mPa*s) liquid. The LMS allows real-time monitoring of weight, pH, temperature and conductivity. All recorded information pertaining to a batch is easy to query. Fluid-contact layer of LMS is a disposable mixing bag which has good biosafe properties. The mixing bag installed in LMS carrier provides you with a safe, easy and cost-effective process.

Features and Advantages

  • Top mounted mechanically mixing technology
  • Modular design, customization upon request
  • Achieve efficient mixing from low to high viscosity liquid
  • In-line control and monitoring of process parameters such as weight, pH, temperature and conductivity
  • can use a single drive motor for multiple tank sizes (100L-300L-500L; 200L-500L-1000L)


  • Media, buffer preparation
  • Intermediate mixing



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