From upstream to downstream, JYSS BIO launched the [chromatography and ultrafiltration] products

2022-04-19Company Events

Since the completion of multiple rounds of financing in 2021, JYSS BIO has continued to invest in independent innovation and R&D, and has continuously vigorously expanded its business areas and enriched its product lines. In addition to continuing to strengthen the existing advantageous bioreactor products in the upstream field, JYSS BIO grandly launched downstream purification products in 2022, including: chromatography systems and ultrafiltration systems. Further extend the product line to the downstream supply field of biopharmaceuticals, and strive to create the whole solutions of bioprocess throughout upstream and downstream.

The newly expanded downstream product line covers the needs of antibodies, recombinant proteins, cell and gene therapy, vaccines, blood products, growth factors and other fields. Reduce the risk of result bias and process scale-up failure from R&D to production.

JYSS BIO has completely independent property rights. It has applied for 18 national patents, 4 invention patents, 5 utility model patents, obtained 3 supporting software copyrights and the corresponding ISO9001 certification.

Chromatography system

Products include AutoDesk® laboratory level, AutoPilot pilot level, AutoPrep Automatic chromatography system for industrial scale

AutoPrep automatic chromatography system

1. Flexible production chromatography platform, which can provide overall solutions for process research and large-scale production

2. Compact design, minimal dead volume, and neat appearance.

3. Realize online dosing via various gradient methods (Conductance linear gradient, conductance step gradient, volume gradient)

4. Convenient customized upgrade services from domestic suppliers, free software upgrades for life

5. Rich and powerful software functions, real-time monitoring and collection of data, five-level authority management, powerful editing function for method, automatic analysis of column effect.

Chromatography column series


Products include LabColumn laboratory chromatography column, FixColumn semi-automatic chromatography column, AutoColumn automatic chromatography column for industrial scale, EasyColumn Chromatography column

AutoColumn automatic chromatography column

1. Intelligent column loading process, through the screen guide and maintenance of the whole process of chromatography column, avoid misoperation, determine the end point by sensor, good reproducibility

2. Unique and efficient distributor structure, through fluid dynamics simulation to predict the distributor effect, can be optimized to achieve the best separation effect according to customer conditions

3. Simple and quick column pipe disassembly mechanism, no need for additional lifting equipment, simple operation, more convenient maintenance

4. Efficient axial compression column loading mode, reliable column structure, durable

Sephadex A-50 special gel treatment system

Sephadex A-50 special gel treatment system, unique scraper type stirring structure, so that the gel no longer accumulate, convenient plasma through. Unique removable base to replace the screen more convenient.


Ultrafiltration series

Products include LabTFF desktop ultrafiltration, AutoTFF automatic ultrafiltration

AutoTFF automatic ultrafiltration system

1. Reserve the integrity test port

2. Self-draining and CIP

3. Software control according to GMP requirements, which can automatically conduct water flux test

4. It is used for concentration, diafiltration (desalting and buffer exchange), and the removal and clarification of cells and cell debris in fermentation broth or cell culture broth.

As the first high-tech enterprise in China to realize the localization of the process technology of disposable bioreactors and disposable consumables, JYSS BIO has launched a series of chromatography and ultrafiltration products to fill the supply chain of JYSS BIO in the downstream field of biopharmaceuticals. It has constructed a more complete biotechnology overall solution, providing customers with more choices for the manufacturing process.

In the turbulent international situation of the COVID-19 epidemic and local wars in the world, the supply chain of the pharmaceutical industry has encountered rare supply shock. JYSS BIO will live up to its mission, will shoulder the responsibility of promoting the development of the domestic supply chain , accelerate technology innovation, and enhance the supply chain guarantee for the industrial .


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