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2021-06-25Company Events

 The past 30 years is the rapid development of antibody drugs, antibody drugs have a broad market space. Single-Use Technology (SUT) has been used by pharmaceutical companies for much longer than antibody drugs themselves, and the rapid development of antibody drugs in turn promotes the increasing popularity of single-use Technology. As a very core and key equipment in the single-use process, the application of single-use bioreactor is not only related to the final product quality, but also closely related to the cost.

  The year 2020 is an unforgettable year. The demand for upstream equipment brought by the new coronavirus has increased significantly. The safety of the supply chain under the influence of the epidemic has highlighted the importance, and the biopharmaceutical industry urgently needs the localization of upstream equipment. Ever used in biological medicine production of disposable bioreactor mainly rely on import suppliers, but for more than ten years development and technology of domestic disposable bioreactor gradually mature, the current domestic security and stability of disposable bioreactor improved greatly, has reached the international level, to enter the international medicine market. Many domestic biopharmaceutical companies have also begun to pay attention to domestic brands.

  JYSS BIO is a high-tech enterprise engaged in the development, production and sales of domestic single-use bioreactor equipment and disposable consumables. As the first domestic single-use bioreactor - current single-use bioreactor, it is not to imitate the mainstream stirred bioreactor on the market, but in the performance of innovation, using a new efficient mechanism for transmission. Through the operation of the oscillator to produce a specific flow field shape in the culture bag, so that the culture liquid repeatedly washed the inner surface of the culture bag, oxygen quickly dissolved, through continuous gas-liquid mixing, the use of the culture liquid torrent to drag gas, create nanoscale soluble microbubbles. Effectively solve the problems of oxygen transfer, mixing and amplification. JYSS BIO can provide disposable organisms from process development to commercial production.

  Single-Use BioreactorCUR2.5L-5-50-300-500-1200-2000L

  After more than 10 years of equipment verification, JYSS BIO single-use bioreactor can be applied to antibody, vaccine, recombinant protein, cell therapy and other fields, the application results are comparable to the traditional stirred bioreactor, and even better than stirred bioreactor in some projects.

Structure and design of a torrent bioreactor

  When the oscillator runs, the medium at the bottom of the cone climbs upward, and the vortex flow formed expands the gas-liquid exchange area, which can greatly improve the efficiency of oxygen transfer.

Advantages of current bioreactor:

1. Geometric consistency. Tanks of different specifications are geometric consistency;

2. Efficient oxygen mass transfer, without oxygen in the culture process, air can meet the needs of cell culture;

3. No stirring paddle to avoid shear force generated by mechanical stirring;

4. Surface ventilation to avoid cell damage caused by bubble breakage.


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